Full service leasing

What is the Full service leasing and how does it work?

The principle of Full service leasing is the outsourcing of your fleet management services to a specialized service provider. It is a type of leasing where the costs of all services related to the operation of the vehicle are included in one monthly installment (except for fuel). The amount of the installment depends on the price of the vehicle, contract duration, contractual mileage and the selected services. This payment is fixed for the whole duration of the contract.

Full service leasing – Services

  • Ordering and purchasing the vehicle as required
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs and inspections covered under warranty
  • Exchange and storage of the tyres
  • Assistance services
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Road tax
  • Highway fees
  • Fuel management
  • Reporting
  • On-line tools
  • GPS monitoring

Buying or leasing? Benefits of Full service leasing

  • Full service leasing allows you to finance and operate your fleet without the need of purchasing your own vehicles
  • ALD Automotive specialists help you manage your fleet and coordinate every step from order to delivery to return
  • Our specialists help you reduce the total cost of your fleet by regrouping all additional costs
  • Fixed monthly installments
  • Get the best prices at car dealers and service providers related to your fleet
  • Use a network of contractors throughout Slovakia
  • Save time and liquidity so you can fully focus on your business
  • Easier accounting - financing is not recorded in the company's balance sheet
  • Leasing brings certain tax benefits for your business
  • You regularly renew your fleet with new and safe vehicles
  • The vehicles can be purchased after termination of the leasing contract