Financial leasing

What is the financial leasing and how does it work?

Financial leasing is a form of car purchase for your fleet - you pay monthly installments for the entire duration of the contract and after termination of the contract, ownership of the vehicle is transferred from the assets of the leasing company to the ownership of the client. The contractual relationship ends with the last leasing installment and the current lessee becomes the owner of the vehicle. This type of leasing is convenient for companies which want to purchase cars for their fleet yet do not have enough free funds to finance them in full.

Buying or leasing?
Benefits of Financial leasing

  • Your funds are not tied up in the subject of the lease. You spread out costs over a longer period of time via installments
  • As all other leasing products from ALD Automotive you take advantage of bargain price offers from suppliers
  • In the case of commercial entities all leasing installments are fully tax deductible as a service
  • The leasing installment has fixed interest rate for whole duration of the contract
  • The subject of the lease and individual leasing obligations are off-balance-sheet and are thus not the subject of your financial balance sheet
  • Insurance of the vehicle is included in the installments. At the client's request it is possible to solve the insurance individually but at least under the standard conditions for the leasing company (the vehicle is owned by the leasing company)