Operational leasing

What is the operational leasing and how does it work?

Operational leasing allows you to finance your fleet without the need of purchasing your own vehicles. You only pay fixed monthly installment throughout the contract duration. However, operational leasing does not include services comparing to full service leasing.

What is included in monthly installment?

  • Financing of the vehicle
  • Insurance
  • Road tax
  • Reporting
  • On-line tools

Buying or leasing?
Benefits of Operational leasing

  • You do not make any down payment at the start and decrease the amount of funds tied up in the company’s accounting balance
  • Operational leasing allows you to use volume discounts and the benefits of our leasing company and at the same time save on salary and time costs of your employees
  • All risk relating to operation, warranties and subsequent sale of the vehicle once the contractual relationship has ende dis borne by the leasing company