Fuel management

ALD Automotive collaborate with major fuel suppliers.

Fuel cards

  • Each driver will receive a card of the selected company, which is used to pay for fuel and / or other purchases according to gas station options and your choice
  • ALD Automotive Slovakia invoice for fuel at the same time as its services
  • The invoice is accompanied by a detailed statement showing for each vehicle, where, when and how much was refueled

Benefits of fuel management from ALD Autmotive

  • ALD Automotive Slovakia solves all requirements related to the provision or renewal of fuel cards (orders to block cards, copies, etc.)
  • ALD Automotive Slovakia sends one monthly invoice for all fuel consumed regardless of supplier based on the settings you define for your invoices
  • You do not need to manage expenditure forms
  • The way invoices are processed makes it easier to recover VAT
  • Simply configure your fuel purchase cards to include highway tolls, in-store purchases, washroom services, and more.
  • Each card has its own PIN code. When a card is lost or stolen, it is immediately blocked and a new card is issued
  • Listings allow you to carefully check all items and detect any anomalies. You can easily monitor the consumption of each vehicle user



Contractual gas stations