As part of a vehicle leasing contract, ALD Automotive Slovakia will give you the option of outsourcing the insurance.

Compulsory insurance

  • Third party liability insurance - stipulated by law
  • Covers third-party damages caused by damage to property or personal injury
  • Insurance is standard for EU countries, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey
  • The proof of insurance is Green card

Motor hull insurance

  • Insurance against damage, destruction and theft of the vehicle
  • Insurance covers the geographical territory of Europe

Supplementary insurance

  • Legal protection insurance
  • Glass insurance
  • Luggage insurance
  • Personal insurance
  • Replacement vehicle insurance

Benefits of insurance at ALD Automotive Slovakia

  • You will no longer have to prove to your insurer that you have added or removed a vehicle from your fleet, nor ask for new insurance documents. The vehicle is insured for the entire duration of the contract, from the moment of handover to the moment of return. Insurance documents are part of the Driver Set, which the driver receives when taking over the vehicle
  • Insurance premiums are paid in regular monthly installments, so you have no additional costs. This means savings over annual or semi-annual payments
  • This service is only invoiced during the rental period. Simple monthly invoices show rental payments with insurance premiums for your fleet
  • Drivers should contact ALD Automotive and our specialists will take care of the problems associated with the immobility of the vehicle and the settlement of claims
  • Your employees do not have to pay anything in advance; ALD Automotive will cover all costs including the smallest expenses



Insurance event reporting