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Vehicle return – process

  • as a vehicle user, you have a pre-emptive right to a vehicle with an expired contract period
  • Check the damages before returning the vehicle
  • Returning the vehicle take place at our contractual partner where they check the vehicle book a return date
  • we will send you a comprehensive brochure with detailed instructions before the start of the return process - please contact your account manager


List of contractual services

  • Services
  • Tire services
  • Gas stations
  • Others
List of contractual services


Quick guide

Services related to vehicle operation


Reporting insurance event

You are obliged to report any damage event and traffic accident to the ALD no later than 4 calendar days after its occurrence.


Fines for traffic offenses

The procedure for managing the traffic fines received from Slovakia and abroad.


Information for the vehicle user

How to use the services associated with the operation of the vehicle


General fair wear and tear

The overview how to treat your vehicle, accaptable and unaccaptable damage


Range of assistance services

Overview and information about ALD Assistance services